Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I'm back from loooooong time... =.="

woah... jinja ! :o
it's been a really loooong time since i last open thsi blog for about 2 years(?) o.o
wah.. but i'm back! so i think.. i'll be active right now....(?) ...i'm not... sure. ;P
the last time i open this. I CAN'T! CUZ I FORGOT THE PASSWORD!!! n i have to search the paper where i wrote down the password so i won't forget it.... but it ended up.... i did. hehe ^^;
mianhae~ *bows*
so anyway. i'm gonna start new with this on FRIDAY so be sure to read my post nae! :3

paipai~ see u guys again~ x3

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


there everyone..well i just create a blog...sorry 4 late updated....hehe....but i hope that u all will like it.....'tough that i don't really good at english...sorry bout that..

oops....sorry 4 not intro....i'm Syafiqah 'Aqilah....u all can call me Piqah or Qylah or whatever u want 2 call me...i'm happy u all can read something on my blog...i hope that u all will accept me as a Pwen,if u all happy then i'll also be happy...if u all make me sad i'll be sad n i'll cry non stop...huhu :'(...ha ha just kidding....i'm not that kind of type person u all think of me...i'm hyper n energetic person...

If u all read my blog u will see that i will write something about some part of my story...in it will have some of happy, sad or something like that..i'm not that good with english but i hope that u all will enjoy reading it..

Thanks 4 reading it n hope that we all get along :)